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What To Do Before The Move

A lot of removal services will inform you about what exactly it is you need to do before the move itself, but in the hustle and bustle and manic stress of the build up to the day itself, it can be easy enough to forget what it was you needed to do in the first place. So keeping a list of guidance for the tasks you need to do just before the final day is a useful idea so that you have everything covered before the final move. By planning ahead like this, you make sure there are no last minute hiccups, whilst helping out the removal service by dealing with certain things that might otherwise slow the whole process down on the day. With good communication with the providers of the removal, you can stay ‘on the same page’ about things, you can work together to make the process as simple and easy a changeover as possible. So before you move, you firstly need to switch off your appliances. This can be arranged through a plumber and Gas and Electricity Board as appropriate. Make sure you secure the drum of your washing machine. For freezers make sure you have defrosted the freezer if it is going into storage. It is also a useful idea to put all your food items within the freezer into strong polythene bags. These can then be easily and quickly taken out and put back when the freezer is being moved and carried. Remove any fixtures and fittings to take with you. Prepare any gardening tools or garage tools so that they can easily be carried to the removal van. If you have any plants in the garden you want taken with you, make them secure and ensure they are watertight for transport. Swings or other frames need dismantling. But make sure you keep all necessary safety bolts. Make sure all fixtures and fittings are removed. If you have a loft, you should clear it out yourself unless the removal service has stated otherwise. You also need to inform a lot of service providers and local governments to officiate the move. For all your electricity, water and gas, make sure the right readings are taken and disconnections and the relevant reconnections are sorted for the right times. You will also need to notify the DVLA and any other motoring organisations. For income tax, inform the Inland Revenue. Return any books and ID cards to the library! For your telephones line, have your account arranged to be rendered on the day of the move and make sure the appropriate connections are sorted with the local telephone companies at the other side. For your post to be redirected, complete the P499G form at least a week before moving, if not sooner. You should also get your TV license amended and your pension books too if necessary. If you are a magazine subscriber, remember to advise regards your new address. For your credit card, complete the change of address for your new location when you make your next payment. Also inform your bank or building society about your new address, especially with regards to direct debits and/or standing orders. Advise your children’s’ school and any other local authorities about your change in address. For the final check to ease nerves, check that your utilities; water and electricity supplies, are switched off. Lock all doors and windows to keep the house secure. Take any other personal items with you. Finally, hand over your keys to the new owner or estate agent (if renting) or solicitor, as appropriate.