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What to Do before Moving Out of the Apartment

If your lease contract is almost up, you should start planning your move. You should also start preparing the place so you will get the security deposit in the whole amount.   Send the Letter Early   If you have no plans of extending your contract, you should send a notice to your apartment manager 30 days before your lease contract is up. Of course, if the contract says that you need to do it 60 days before the end of the contract you have to do it earlier. You should be as cordial in informing the manager about your intention to vacate the unit. At the same you should request for the return of the security deposit as well.   Leave the House Clean and in Good Condition   If you have punched holes through nails and screws, make sure that you patch the walls and you smooth them before you vacate the place. Clean the walls, ceilings and floors of the place. Make sure that there are no more stains in the kitchen and in the bathroom. If there are any appliances there, you should also make sure that everything is clean before you leave. And before you leave, make sure you take photos of the place so you will have evidence that you left it in very good condition.   Don't forget to give your forwarding address to the manager so he will know where to send the check to reimburse your security deposit.