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Types of Removal Services in West Hampstead

Whether you are moving to or from the West Hampstead area, you will need to consider how you are going to transport your things. There are of course, a variety of options available to you, some of which are more popular than others, some are cheaper whereas others have better services.  Here are your options:•    Hire a van or a trailer and take charge of moving the things yourself.  This is likely to be the cheapest of options available to you, however, it does mean that you will have to do absolutely everything yourself, if you are only moving a few boxes this may not be a problem, however, if you are moving a 2 or 3 bedroomed home and all of the things that lived inside of it, this could be a very big job.   Consider whether the savings in money is worth the extra stress and work involved for you, also think about the fact the if it takes you longer, you may need to hire a van for more than just one day, whereas using another service might get the move completed in just one day. •    Find a man-with-a-van.  There are plenty of people with vans advertising to help people move home, these are usually local and small businesses or self-employed people who will most likely charge less than a big removals company would.  Most of these services will help you to load and even unload the van, however, they don’t have to do this so it is always best to check with them first, another thing you should check is the size of the van that they have, if it is small you may need it for longer and it may cost more in fuel going back and forth between houses. •    A removals company.  Removals companies are designed to help with every aspect of moving home, they aim to help to make the move easy and stress-free.  There are a number of additional services that they offer:o    Packing services: removal companies can help you to pack up your things in your old home, ready for them to be moved.  These services almost always include all of the packaging materials you would need, so there is no need to buy these yourself. o    Office removals: whether you are moving office or have one or more office within your home that need moving, removals companies are usually qualified to help. o    Storage facilities: if you are downsizing home, or are temporarily moving into smaller accommodation, you may find that not all of your things will fit into your new home, equally you may not want to get rid of them.  If this is the situation you are finding yourself in then storage facilities would be ideal for you. o    Specialised removals: for things like piano’s, grandfather clocks, mirrors etc. that may need some extra protection, handling and securing during transportation. Before making any decisions you should consider what your needs are, how much stuff are you going to be moving?  Do you have any friends or family members that may be able to help? Are you likely to need any additional services, such as help packing or storage?   Always call around for the best quote and compare not only the prices but also the help you are going to get when moving home, sometimes it is worth paying a little extra for a lot less stress.  When comparing prices be sure to take into account any additional costs, such as insurance, petrol costs etc.