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Top Tips for Packing for International Moves

Although every move can be stressful, it’s only fair to say that international moves are the worst. Unlike regular removals, which still have the same amounts of packing and unpacking involved, with international moves there is that very important element of shipping! Yes, shipping those goods either by air, sea or train can be a bit of a mission, it could take weeks or even months to get your belongings to you and it will cost a hell of a lot more than what you would pay for a regular removal van!However, this is a very exciting time for you, planning an international move is nerve-wracking but you shouldn’t let it put you off actually going ahead with it! It takes a lot of courage to up route and move to new country and with the right amount of planning, organising and sorting out, you will achieve this mission, and it certainly won’t be an impossible one!Here are my 3 top tips to help you pack for international moves! Tip 1)Careful planning!There is a lot of planning involved when it comes to international moves and in order to make it a successful process, you should take time to plan this major event carefully.When it comes to packing, remember! As much as you would love to take the whole house with you it’s not that simple. Transporting goods abroad is costly and in some circumstances it may cost you more money to pay for transiting those items, than actually it would too simply by them new again, at the other end!So, think about what items you have and decide which things are replaceable, the only things you really need to take are the valuable and sentimental goods. Yes you could take furniture and appliances with you, but is it really necessary when you could buy them again at the new home and probably get them much quicker too! Don’t forget transporting goods abroad can take months to get to you, how long are you willing to wait for those items?De-clutter, sell, jumble sale, and donate anything that you feel is not worth the transporting fee! Tip 2Packing!Once you have some idea of what you actually want to take with you, start thinking about the packing. Although most international removals will store your items in storage containers throughout the process of transit, you will have to carefully consider how it’s packed before its goes into those containers. Don’t forget those items have a long way to travel and they will be stored for quite some time! Make sure that the boxes are well packed, with items inside fully packaged and protected. Use the correct materials to ensure your goods are as protected as you can possibly make them. Do not overload the boxes and do not under load them either, you don’t want boxes bursting open, nor do you want boxes getting crushed, because it may cause damage to your goods! Tip 3Transporting!Next decide which items are the more important ones, and which ones you can live without for a while? The faster the delivery the more expensive it will be! Travelling by Air is the most expensive method for transporting goods abroad so you may only want to be careful about considering this option and if it’s really necessary? Or you could always choose to send only the important items via Air travel and then choose to send the rest of your belongings on the long haul via ship, train and haulage; this will help to reduce the overall cost of moving internationally!