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Students On The Move - Bring In The Man And Van

Many first time student movers often make the huge mistake of using their own car to move. This can be for all sorts of reasons. Maybe you didn't have time to plan ahead and book a hire van. Maybe a friend offered the use of their car or maybe, most likely, it'll be to save money. Using your own car however can be a bad idea. Why?Overloading your car can damage it. Too much can lower the car's centre of gravity significantly, and suddenly going over speed bumps and ramps can cause all sorts of damage. You can even scrape an exhaust pipe and the damage can be expensive to repair. You can also damage the car's suspension which is certainly not going to help in the long run at all and cost a huge amount of money to fix.Cars are simply not designed to carry large or heavy loads. Vans and lorries are specifically designed to carry heavy items and often come with rings and hooks to tie up certain items to stop them moving about in transit.Loading also becomes an issue when using your own vehicle. Cars are difficult to load effectively and won't always fit in everything you want to include. Also, unless you're a trained professional, you may not be aware of the best way to load your items into the vehicle safely and securely. A professional company will provide professionals who are fast and swift at packing vehicles, fitting in all of you items whilst ensuring they'll be stored safely in transit.This is why hiring in a man and van service will always be the best way forward. Now you might be thinking about how expensive this be! But most man with a van services are actually quite reasonable! A lot of local services are great value, so do your research. A man and van service will come with suitable van hire. A lot of companies will ask you about how much you want to move, how large the items might be and what you have so that they can estimate the weight and volume of what you want to move. They will then recommend the best van for you. A man with van hire will then also come with an experienced driver and moving professional who will help you lift and load. Although this service might be a little more costly than using your own car, it will become invaluable to ensure your move goes smooth and easy without causing stress and anxiety.Removal companies can also provide you with a wide range of different kind of vans, all designed to specifically carry heavy large loads. There are compact and small vans. These are not really any bigger than a large car, but it’s surprising just how much rom there is for loading. These are great options if you have about a room's worth of things and only a few piece of medium sized furniture. If you've got some slightly larger bits like a bed-stand and wardrobe, then you'll need to look for a man and van hire that include a LWB van. These are Long Wheel Based vans that are longer and often also have a higher roof which can be incredibly handy. With each of these vans, you'll need to keep an eye on how much weight they can bear. Each vehicle has its limit, so the best thing to do is to chat with the removal firm you're booking with and describe everything in detail. They're normally very good at estimating a total weight and will recommend the best option for you.