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Pros And Cons Of Using A Man And Van Service

Have you ever wondered how some people manage to move quickly and efficiently without spending a fortune? Well in many cases these people will have used a man and a van service. Bridging the gap between simple van hire and full-on removal services, van and man packages can offer the best of both worlds. However, as with anything there are pros and cons to its use, including those that are outlined below. Pros•    Extra Manpower – A man and a van service is ideal for those people who can’t carry all of their boxes or furniture by themselves. As with a van and man service you don’t only get the hire of a van, you also get an experienced mover to help you load and unload the van. Experts at carrying boxes, furniture and other household items, professional moving personnel can help to speed up your move. •    Modern Moving Vans – If you hire a man and van service you should be guaranteed to receive the use of a modern removal van which is reliable, clean and well-maintained. This not only ensures the safe transportation of your furniture and goods but also the resulting cleanliness of your items when they arrive in your new home. If you hire a moving van by yourself, you may sometimes find that this is not the case. •    Experienced Movers – Hiring professional movers can help to guarantee the safe removal of your fragile, heavy or valuable items, as not only will they have received formal training, in many cases they will also have on-the-job experience. So if you have fragile pieces of furniture, mirrors or expensive antiques which you need to move, why not let the professionals take care of it for you. Cons•    Privacy – If you don’t like having other people inside your home or touching your things then a professional removals firm may not be right for you. While moving firms should always act in a professional manner to protect your privacy, there have been occasions when this has not been the case. So make sure you hire a reputable firm or carry out the move by yourself if you want to avoid any unpleasant circumstances.•    Control – When you hire the services of an outside company to help you with your move, you inevitably lose a little bit of control over the day. For instance, if the removal van turns up late you may find that you can’t start your move as early as you intended. On the flip side, if it turns up early it may catch you unawares. To avoid any upset, try to get ready for your move well in advance of the day so that you are prepared for any unforeseen circumstances.•    Cost – Hiring a man with a van service is more expensive than hiring a removal van by itself though its pros can sometimes outweigh its cons. Depending on your personal circumstances it may be a cost that you are willing to bear, but for those who cannot afford it, family and friends may be able to help instead.•    Cowboy Firms – Unfortunately, as with many other industries, there are a small number of disreputable moving firms who ruin it for others. That is why it is crucial for you to research companies before you sign up and ideally find out some personal recommendations from people that you know. Without this, you may end up paying for a professional moving service which is anything but a poor quality service.