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Packing Tips Straight from the Pros sweden removals

The basic packing tips are quite helpful in easing the painstaking process of moving but you can always practice new techniques to make the move even more effortless. Here are some effective packing tips shared by professional movers themselves.

1.    Place nuts and bolts in a bag and tape them underneath the furniture they belong to. This way, assembling them can be made easier.
2.    Take a picture of the appliance cables and wires while it is still plugged so you know where each wire goes when it's time to set up the electronics in the new home.
3.    Use the bathroom scale to weigh boxes to keep from overloading them.Sweden removals
4.    Mark TV and DVD cords to identify where the cords are supposed to go.
5.    Buy the biggest marker you can get your hands on. You want to have an easy time reading contents of each box and the room they belong to. This also saves energy in instructing helpers where to put each item.
6.    Aside from labeling the boxes with their contents and respective room also indicate where exactly should they be unpacked e.g., bathroom cabinet, bedroom wardrobe, kitchen shelves etc.
7.     Count the boxes so you know how many boxes should arrive in your new home.