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Moving Out - How to Know If Your Roommate is Tolerable Or Not

So you've just moved into you new flat. It's amazingly well furnished, really near the place where you work or study and probably the most peaceful place you've ever lived in-until you discover that you in fact have a roommate. And there's nothing wrong with having a roommate. Most of the time that means company on boring days, a frequent companion and a new friend. But unfortunately not all roommates are like that. There are those that just want to make you move out in a split second. So if you'd like to avoid such people, you should look into the following clues and see if your specific roommate has any of these qualities, traits or things. The marks of a bad roommate: 1. Foulmouthing: This is one of the things that can turn people off in a split second. People can definitely vent or foul mouth when they are justified, honest or on occasions when they just need to vent. But someone who foulmouths everyone and everything from your next door neighbour to the pigeons in the garden is someone that's pretty hard to live with. 2. Meddling: Having a roommate means that you will probably have another person know some intimate details about your life that you may not want some people to know. And a good roommate will most probably keep such information private. A bad roommate will broadcast it in blogs, conversations, and in pictures for all the world to see. Watch out for this privacy killer! 3. Bad hygiene: We all know that this is one of the biggest turn-offs for any roommate. Do they smell really nasty? Do they have a habit of leaving their snipped up pubic hair lying all around the floor? Do they leave used toilet paper all over the house? Hygiene is one of the best reasons to change your place if your stuck with such a ridiculously dirty and slovenly roommate.