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Moving House With Pets In Tow

If you are in a position where you have to move house, but you have pets, then things can become a little more complicated. If you just have one dog or something like that, then there will probably not be a huge issue, but more than one dog, or a more specialist animal, like a reptile, or tropical fish tank, and you have a bit more of an issue! In these cases, you will likely have travelled with your pets before, but the move process can throw up some interesting variants on this norm, and you will need to be prepared for the worst in order to ensure that your pets are not in any chance of becoming uncomfortable, or getting in trouble! Have a look at the following hints and tips to ensure that you have thought of everything; whilst only you know your individual situation, it is well worth looking into these things to get a fresh perspective on the situation. When you have the movers in, you need to ensure that all ‘free’ animals are under control. You can imagine the issues that can crop up if you have four smaller dogs running around the house whilst a bunch of removals men are trying to lift and shift all of your heavy furniture! Often times a removals person will have to walk backwards, or their vision will be impaired by the size of the item, and they will not be able to see where they are going. A dog or cat in the way could result in a tripped remover, or a squashed dog. Perhaps even both! In order to prevent your animals from being flattened by a flying sofa, you should ensure that your pets are either tethered up outside, or in their cages, rooms, boxes etc. When you are traveling, you will most likely need to stop to let larger animals stretch their legs, dogs in particular. Be sure to plan these sorts of breaks in, and pack the essentials that your pet needs, whether it is a chew toy, or their food and some treats it does not matter, you know what your pet will need to keep them happy. If you are aware of the stops that you need to make and can work them in to Th. Schedule, then your pets will not get in the way.It is always best to have your animals traveling in the car that you take. If you are moving fish, then they will be bagged, and need to be stored in a box that an eye can be kept on. This is to ensure that the box is kept flat, so that the bags are not knocked about too much, and the fish are not stressed. Stress and shock will be the death of many animals, from reptiles to fish, so it is essential that you read up on how your specific animals need to be safely transported. When you arrive, be sure to set the pets up in their regular habitat as soon as possible. Dogs should be kept back however, as they will again, get in the way of the unloading process, and could get hurt by the amount of people and furniture flying about. You need to be able to devote our full attention to the move, rather than having to look after the dogs, so it can be good to send them to the kennels of a pet sitter for the duration, it is of course up to you and your specific needs.