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Moving House: Tips and Tricks

Packing properlyMoving house is a brilliant opportunity to sort out what you already own, what you need, what you no longer need and what really needs to go. Throw away the unwanted stuff and separate items that can be donated to charity or given to friends. Use box and bags for packing and label what’s staying and what’s going. Collect boxes well in advance from local supermarkets or charity shops. Top tip: for packing clothes is to use large oversized laundry bags with handles and a zip to secure them and keep them together – these are relatively cheap countrywide. Use read magazines and newspapers for wrapping valuables that could possibly break for added protection and security.DIY and save penniesThere isn’t a rule of such that tells you that you must hire a removal company or a man in a van, you can do the job yourself. Make sure you measure the amount that you’re moving and hire the correct sized van for you. Bare in mind you may need a van licence so research this and make sure you abide legal rules and regulations. If your van is too small, then it is possible you may need to make more than one journey, to and fourth. And if your van is oversized or too big then it’s very likely that you may face a fair few parking problems. Top tip: it can be a lot cheaper to book vans on a weekday. However, shop around for deals and discounts before you make this decision final. Liasing with companies face to face, rather than just on the phone allows you to trust and get to know a company as well as sniff out good deals and negotiate a good price.Hire help and relaxIf you’ve decided to get professional helpers in to make your move easy and simple, shop around for the best removal companies. It will help to relieve some of the stress of the big move. You can arrange for pretty much everything to be done for you if you get the right people in. There’s nothing wrong with asking for professional help to get a job done properly, just make sure the company is legitimate and reliable.Top tip: leave the heavier items to the experts to avoid any aches and pains.Checklist before you go•    Hire a removal company at least a couple of weeks before the big move. A month should suffice, but don’t rush into the decision of who to go with. Go by recommendations and word of mouth along with research form the web and other reliable sources.•    Try to go for a company who are a member of the BAR (British Association of Removers) so you can ensure they are reliable and genuine.•    Gather as many quotes as possible and make comparisons before you decide which one to use. •    Shop around for weekday discounts or weekend deals.•    Buy personal moving insurance and study the fine print before you sign.•    Make a list of what you have and what you own so you can check if you've left anything behind.So you should be able to pack like a professional now and you should also be able to negotiate a good deal with a removal or man with a van company. Make sure you apply these new skills to every move you endure to avoid any future stresses or removal nightmares.