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Moving home in adverse weather conditions

Moving from one home to another is a stressful and busy time as it is, if on the day of your move you wake up to find snow, ice, rain or freezing high powered winds have decided to rear their ugly heads, your move could be made all the more difficult.  The weather is something that you are unable to plan for, even in the summer months you may have instances of flash flooding, hurricanes etc.  As there’s nothing you can do to affect the weather, the only thing you can do is read up about what to do and familiarise yourself with how best to deal with the various weather conditions. Check what the weather forecast is prior to your moving day, approximately a week before your move is an ideal time to check.  Usually with extreme weather conditions the MET office will be aware of any upcoming problems a good week in advance.  Obviously there are no guarantees that the MET office will be correct in their weather predictions, but if they are forecasting a hurricane on your move day, you at least have a week to come up with a plan B, or reschedule your move all together. Consider the walkway from your home to the removals van, and from the removals van to your new property, is there anything you can do to help? You could salt the pathways to help to keep them clear of snow and ice, if you have a gazebo in the back garden you could perhaps bring this into the front garden to cover your belongings when transferring them to into the van. Speak to your removals company:  are they equipped to handle the snow, do they have snow chains for their wheels? What amount of rain, snow, wind or any other adverse weather conditions, could cause the removal company to become unable to move you?  If this were to happen on your moving day, what contingency plans do the removals company have in place?  And how does this affect you both in terms of being able to move and the money it will cost you to do so (now you have some re-arranging to do). Make sure you keep some warm and weather proof clothes out for you, your partner and your children.  You are going to be spending a lot of time going outside to the van and back into the house again, you are not going to be able to keep under shelter and in the warm.      Think about your pets and plants, they may not suffer well in adverse weather conditions and as a result may need additional looking after.  Consider putting a blanket in the pet carrier with your animals to keep them warm and give them something to hide under should they get scared.  If there is a thunderstorm and your pet is particularly sensitive to this you may need to stay with them while the storm passes.  Remember that your plants can easily be overwatered, therefore leaving them out in torrential rain could kill them, as could leaving them in the snow or frost without any covering. When you get to your new home put your fire on straight away to warm the house up and give you a comfortable place to rest after you have finished moving.  Put up curtains and get out blankets, do anything you can think of to keep your new property warm and dry. In the additional stress of the weather, don’t completely forget the removal men, if you are cold and wet and gagging for a hot drink, it is likely they are feeling the same.  Whilst you’re under no obligation to play mommy to the removal guys, it makes sense to look after them while they are handling your possessions.