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Making Money before you Complete a Home Removal

During this current economic climate every penny counts. When moving home you will already be outlaying substantial amounts. Making some extra money can be a massive help and can help go towards paying some of the additional charges you are likely to face. Following these tips and suggestions will help you save, and even make some extra cash during a home move.Sell all your unwanted itemsAs you pack up all your belongings you are likely to find things you no longer need or want. Over the years you will have collected a massive amount of things. Rather than just throw these items away you can sell them to make a little extra pocket money. What you may now consider as useless junk can be exactly what someone else wants to buy. There are numerous places available on the internet that you can sell items. Always do research before listing belongings online to sell. Check how much similar items are being sold for, you are unlikely to sell it if you are asking for more than anyone else. On the other hand, if you just want to make a quick sale you can undercut your competitor’s prices. Bear in mind that these websites often work on a feedback scale, so you may struggle to offload items if you have no feedback from buyers. Also these sites will take a commission from your items being sold, so fully check the terms and conditions on how much you will have to pay. Always remember to take postage costs into consideration when listing items. Some larger items will carry expensive postage costs so make sure you include this in your valuation and final sale price. You don’t want to be spending all your profit on postage. If selling online isn’t for you, then there are options like car boot sales and second hand markets. There is no guarantee that you will offload all your items but you may save a little more if you don’t have to pay for postage. Fuel costs will add some fees to this method so try and find places to sell as local as possible.Check your utility billsYou may find you will get a rebate from your utility company when you move. You may have over paid for gas and electric and be owed your money back. You will likely have to contact the utility company directly to find out this information but you could receive upwards of a few hundred pounds depending on how much you have overspent. Utility companies may also offer you discounts or loyalty rewards if you use them as your supplier at your new property. Approaching the companies in this manner may not save you money immediately but can save you on bills in the long run, so contacting your gas and electricity supplier is recommended.  This is not just specific for utility companies; you may get loyalty bonuses and savings from your telephone and internet supplier and any satellite or cable television you may have. Companies are eager to retain your custom so can offer substantial savings to existing customers to save their business.