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I Packed My Dog Behind!

I really felt anxious when I was moving out from my old apartment. I just had a short time to pack my things because it was an emergency move. I was informed to transfer to another branch of our office and I needed to do it in 2 days time only. Imagine how hard packing was! And worst, I had lots of valued items that I don't know where to place so that I could just carry them all with me.   So I made a checklist of the basic items I would need when I get to my new apartment. I first started packing the things I wouldn't be using frequently. I packed the things which I shall be using until my moving day last. That means, I packed it on the second day! I also packed similar items together so that I wouldn't be confused. I also made sure that the fragile items had crushed paper in between so they won't break each other during the travel. But what about my dog!   Well, not that I packed him, but he accidentally fell in the box. If not for the mover who heard him bark I wouldn't know he's there.