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How to Prevent Break-ins during Move

All household items are exposed at the time of moving, increasing the chances of theft. Home owners should follow some of the below given precautionary measures to avoid break-ins at the time of moving.   * Pack all valuable items in a suitcase that is easy to carry along with you. Items such as prescription drugs that are easy to steal and cost very high should be safely packed in leak proof container and placed in carry-on luggage.   * Documents such as bank statements, stock investments, social security number and credit card statements should be guarded.   * To prevent theft of documents that arrive by post, inform the Mail service to forward all the mails to your new address or post office.   * Place items such as jewellery and gems in a small box, triple tape the box and place it in carry-on luggage.   * Apart from small items, large items such as television and other electronic items are susceptible to theft, if proper care is not taken whilst loading and unloading. After loading all the items, it is essential to get the inventory list signed by the movers to prevent loss of your precious goods.   * Other items that are susceptible to theft include the expensive Persian rugs and sports equipment. Hence, do not forget to include them in the inventory list.   * In case of office relocation, there is a great chance of losing items such as laptops. Hence, request the employees to carry laptops along with them.   All the above precautionary measures have to be taken before the packers and movers arrive.