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How to pack your dining room

Packing for a move out reqiores proper materials and knowing how each item has to be wrapped in order to survive the moving and travel. The dining room is one of the hardest and slowest to pack. It consists of fragile items which can easily break inside the truck if not wrapped properly. The china and crystal stemware has to be wrapped in paper and put in dish pack cartons; for stemware it is good to have cellular dividers, but it's not absolutely necessary. Each piece of china and glassware should be wrapped individually. Use only clean paper or linen, wrapping diagonally from the corners and tucking in the edges. You also have to secure a good amount of material for padding and cushioning. Label the cartons with "dining room" and "fragile - this side up". When you are packing flat china and glassware, place paper padding in the bottom of the carton or box, wrap each item individually, then wrap a few together in one bundle and arrange them in a row inside the carton. The lower layer in each carton should consist of larger china and glass plates. Put crushed paper among the bundles and don't leave any voids. The top of the bundles cover with wadded paper and then add smaller plates and bowls on the second layer. Wrap them the same way as the larger items. If you don't have cellular dividers for the cups, wrap them in a double layer of paper and put them upside down. Their handles have to face the same direction. Add an extra layer of padding on top of them. Silver pieces need careful enclosing in plastic wrap. Treat and wrap hollow ware like fragile items - this includes dishes, tea sets and bowls. If your silverware is in a chest it can still crush inside. Wrap each piece in clean paper and fill the voids with soft material like bubble wrap - this will prevent the pieces from shifting. After that wrap the chest in a big towel and do the same with similar items. Consider that inside the truck, everything that can move will move. Be extra careful with valuable items and state their price on the form for valuable items to receive coverage.  Small delicate items like figurines can be wrapped in tissue paper and then in flat paper. Flat items like mirrors wrap in wadded paper and place in the bottom or around the walls of the carton. When you are packing lamps remove the light bulb and the harp and wrap them separately from the base. Put them in the same box, filling the spaces between with paper. Don't wrap lamp shades in newspaper, because the ink will soil it. Label the carton with "lamp shade-fragile-top load only". If you have large mirrors, vases or statues for packing consult the moving company before trying to pack them yourself. They should be able to offer you custom-made boxes for such items. The same applies to paintings and valuable pieces of art. You can use wardrobe boxes for moving curtains - fold them, wrap in plastic wrap and hang them in the wardrobe. You can leave the rugs on the floor and the movers will handle them for you, although if you have them professionally cleaned they will be sent back to you rolled, wrapped and ready for moving. All other furniture should be wrapped in shrink wrap, linen and secured on the truck. Follow these tips for a fast, easy and accident-free packing of your dining room.