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How to Pack your Children's Bedroom for Moving House

Children can accumulate a lot of belongings and oftentimes, when moving house, you may feel you’ll need to hire a whole extra van to accommodate it all. On top of this, they often have numerous delicate toys with parts which can easily fall off if knocked around and therefore, most of their toys need special packing. Fortunately, this is simple enough to do and can also be applied to other rooms in the house. ToysPacking their toys away can be an emotional operation, especially if you’re trying to slyly whittle down their collection and give some away to charity. It’s important that you don’t do this without their consent as moving can be a difficult time for them and giving away items they find comfort in can disrupt them more. Therefore, it’s wise to begin clearing out well in advance of the moving date so that if they’re indecisive over certain items, they can have some time to think about it and there’s no added pressure. If you still have the original packaging of hard toys, like action figures, rebox these. This will make them easier to pack into larger boxes and will also protect them. If you no longer have the original box, wrap hard toys in bubble wrap and pack them in boxes with the heaviest at the bottom. If the toys have separate pieces, wrap these all separately in order to prevent friction and damage to the smaller pieces. Stuff newspaper or even small stuffed toys between the toys so that they don’t rattle around. Larger soft toys can all be packed down into another box. Wrap each of these in plastic to stop them from getting dusty or dirty on the journey.If your child has a favourite toy in particular, allow them to bring this with them in the car and if they’re unsure, pack it in your box of essentials so that it’s always to hand should they want it. This will add a bit of comfort as they say goodbye to their old home. Other items you should include in the box of essentials for your children are snacks, water, warm clothing, games to keep them occupied both on the journey and while you unpack, towels and pyjamas.DeskEmpty any desks, shelves and cupboard of items, such as books and stationary. Pack these separately to the unit, making sure to securely wrap any of the more delicate items and package accordingly. Protect the desk itself by wrapping it in blankets so that the pointy edges and corners don’t scrape against the inside of the removal van or other pieces of furniture. Remove any draws from desks and pack these separately also.If the units can be dismantled further, take them apart to make more room in the van. Wrap each piece in bubble wrap and box them up. Keep any parts in clear, labelled bags and similarly, keep all the tools you need in one box.BedIf you can dismantle the frame of your child’s bed, this will save you plenty of space in the removal van. Just like with the other furniture, put any screws in clear, labelled plastic bags and pack them along with the tools so that it’s easy to construct in the new home. Getting your children’s bed set up upon arrival should be one of the first jobs as they’ll need their sleep. Wrap each piece of the frame in bubble wrap and, if you can, pack them in a box.