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How to Pack Your Antique and Expensive Glassware

Not everyone finds expensive glassware and antique pieces valuable. Many people prefer to use more practical stuff even plastic items, because it is easy to buy a new one if some are broken, they are cheap and are not unique and irreplaceable.

  Women especially are very keen on beautiful porcelain sets and will do everything they can to take them when moving to another place and make their transportation safer. There are a lot of people that think packing of such stuff is easy and when they arrive and see how many “casualties” are there, they will start wondering what they have not done right. It is strongly advices to think how to do things before you can do the packing and not to make any experiments with such stuff, because it is impossible to be replaced.

  This article will give you several tips that will help you find the best way to do the packing and prepare your precious glassware for shipping.

  The long distance removal that requires shipping needs more secure packing. The rule you have to remember is that the longer the distance the safer the packing has to be made. So as you know this you will understand that you have to put more efforts than usual for the shipping preparation. The use of bubble wrap will be in large quantities in this situation, so be sure you have enough of it in you home before you start the packing. Take every piece of the glassware and wrap it separately, even the smallest one. Be sure you have secured the bottom, the handlers and any other part that is permanently attached to the bigger shape of porcelain. Tape the packing very well, so it will not fall during the moving process and allow the set to get damaged or broken.

  When transporting stuff that is so fragile and easily broken, the specialist recommends the using of the box-within-a-box method for packing. This means that as much as you will need bubble wrap you will also need significant amount of cardboard boxes from different sizes and dimensions.

  The cushion is very important part of the preparation, because it will make the shipping really safe. Allow at least six to eight inches of it between the box and the item, as also between the first and the second box of the packaging. Actually the steps so far did not seem so difficult or like anything you have not heard about before. You can use this method for wrapping and packing for relocation with a van, car, a truck and everything else that includes travelling on the ground. More precautions are never too much with the glassware.

  The last step from the preparation is as important as the others, and the fact that it is mentioned in the end does not mean that it can be neglected. The labeling is a crucial part of the package for shipping, so make sure you have done it right and thus avoided any possible accidents along the way. It is mandatory to have very clear and easy to be seen identification of the box or boxes, including the address of the sender, where it will be returned if this is needed. In case you are in any way attaching this information to the box, make sure you have done it very well and have excluded every possibility for it to get lost.

  Check one last time the taping of the items to be shipped. Make sure it is durable and will be ok with different weather and climate conditions.