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How to Pack Glasses During a Move

Glasses should always be packed in cell boxes that are available at movers and supply stores. These boxes offer good protection to fragile items during the move. Getting a better protection will benefit you. It does not only save cost and time. It also lessens breakages.   Packing your glasses more efficiently   In order to ensure that your glasses are safe, you must pack them according to the following instructions.   1. First get all the essential packing materials for your glasses. Tissue papers may serve well whilst packing your glasses. You must also be ready with your packing boxes.   2. Next, wrap the stem of the glass using a piece of tissue paper.   3. You then have to wrap each glass using tissue paper whilst stuffing some crumpled tissue paper inside it. This helps in reinforcing the sides of the glass's bulb.   4. Wrap all the glasses a bit more tightly, using packing paper.   5. Each packed glass then has to be placed in separate cells, with the base going in first. The empty spots in each cell have to be filled with tissue paper.   6. On filling the box, you have to cushion its top using tissue paper. However in the process of topping the box, make sure you don't overstuff it as this may add some pressure to the glasses thus leading to possible breakage.   7. The box then has to be filled whilst ensuring that nothing rattles in it. If you find anything loose, just add more padding to the box.   Last but definitely not the least don't forget to mark the box fragile. Indicate which of its side is up.