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How to Move into a New House while Taking Care of a Baby

Moving into a new home can cause a great deal of stress and fatigue for most people. The hassle of packing, organizing, moving, unpacking, and arranging a lot of stuff can sure be a tough burden. However, for people who are taking care of a baby or expecting a baby soon, a move can really be tiring and difficult. The owner of the house should do a good job of dividing the labour between the move and taking care of the baby.
Time, effort, and other resources should be managed effectively to make this move a success. Here are some tips that you can follow in order to make the move seamless and hassle-free.
Create a schedule.
A schedule to follow will serve as your ultimate guideline while you make the move. The schedule for your move should be as detailed as possible and you should make sure that you are not missing anything. Plan your time and the tasks properly and allot some time for checking and rest. Do not count on last minute decisions for they tend to make the situation more difficult.
Another schedule that you have to create is for your baby. Make sure to create the schedule of the move around the baby's daily routine. This will lessen the impact of the move to the baby and it will also help in restoring their sleeping patterns. The sleeping pattern of the baby should be kept at a regular schedule for this will help you attend to other tasks. You can always deal with the preparation for the move while your baby is in slumber.
Safety should be a top priority.
As you pack and prepare for your move, your organized and well-kept home will be reduced to a state of disorder. Scissors, tape, cutters, plastic bags and other cleaning tools may be lying everywhere in your home. As a mother, you should make sure that these materials are kept away from your baby. Your baby can pick these up anytime and harm himself. It is recommended to keep your packing tools in a box and store it in a place unreachable for your baby. You should always keep an eye on your baby especially if she is awake for she can always find something to hurt herself with.
Take care of yourself too.
The stress and the fatigue caused by the preparations for moving plus taking care of the kid can be overwhelming sometimes. This is why at this trying phase of your life, it is recommended to seek the help of your friends and family. These people will form the base of your support group and will help you finish the move without jeopardizing the welfare of your baby and of yourself. Seeking help is not something that you should be ashamed of. More often than not, your friends and family are more than willing to help you move and take care of your little darling baby.
The Move
As much as possible, the baby should not be with you on the day of the move. The tasks that you should accomplish for the day will hinder you from taking care of them while following their routine. It is best to let a relative or a friend take care of your baby for a day at least. If a friend is not available, you can take your baby in a local day care center. But if you really must take your baby with you during the move, the best that you can do is to assign a person whose specific task is to look after the baby.
It is also recommended to keep the baby in an empty room so that he will not be too exposed to the noise and ruckus caused by the movers. To keep them relaxed, you should surround them with familiar things. Her favorite toy, pillow, book, or blanket can make the baby feel more comfortable and relaxed.