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How Do We Lose Money During a Move

Moving house requires a considerable budget and planning. If you are not careful you can end up paying even more than you have originally thought, so you need to make sure you know where your money is going. Everyone knows that moving house is not cheap. It's a long process which starts months before the actual moving day. We all want to think positive about it and see it as a new and fresh start, a chance to have a better home and a better life. We need to spend money for it, though, so it's best to be prepared well in advance. Below are the things that you shouldn't do when moving house unless you want to spend a huge budget on it.

1.    Booking the Truck or the Movers at the Last Minute
Booking a removals company should be at least 6 weeks before the move. This is to ensure that the movers are free on that day and you won't be charged extra for last minute preparations. Moreover, this way you can shop around, get a few quotes and negotiate. If you only need a moving truck, you don't have to book it that early, but you need to be sure what size you need and to consider the time of the removal. If it's during the peak season it's harder to find one. It's best to rent a few weeks earlier so you don't have to put up with what's left available. If you think that the fee is too high, try to negotiate being provided with some extra tools for the removal (a dolly, moving blankets, etc.). It's better to ask than to pay for everything yourself.

2.    Moving During the Summer
Many families and single homeowners don't have the luxury of choosing the time for the removal, but you can at least try to avoid the peak season. The period when everyone seems to be moving and it's even hard to find a removals company to hire, is between May and August. The costs for a removal are higher during the summer months and at the weekends. If you are moving with your children, wait until they finish school and move right after that. Another option is to move in the beginning of September before your children go back to school. September is also more affordable in terms of removals fees. If you need to schedule the relocation for summer, book about 10 weeks earlier.

3.    Assuming That the Removals Company Will Tell You All About Their Extra Charges
The quote that you have received from the rental agent or the moving company usually isn't the final one. There are many additional fees that the company will try to charge you with. Things like access to your home, using stairs, being late, and needing help for packing - there are so many additional costs that you may need to pay, that the tips will be your least problem.

4.    Moving Without a Plan
Planning a move is not easy, but it's essential if you want to manage well. Even if you only have a short time, prepare a checklist and an inventory list. Plan what you need to do, determine the budget and distribute tasks among the members of your family. Being organized and knowing what you are doing at any given moment is the only way to avoid stress and mistakes. Create a timeline for the move and stick to it. This way you will be able to follow how much you are spending and avoid paying more for things you don't really need.