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Considerations For Summer Moves

With so many different considerations to take into account, it can be difficult to plan a move exactly when you want it. Trying to find the perfect alignment of properties becoming available, getting time off work and finding an available removals company can be tough, but it is possible. For the majority of people it seems that summer is the agreed upon time for the idea move. Theoretically sunny, the agreeable weather providers a back drop suited to picking up and moving all of your possessions into a new home. But if you have  had the good fortune to be able to arrange a summer move, then what are some of the special consideration you should make in order to ensure that it all goes to plan? Though many people assume that a summer move is ideal, it can have its draw backs. Whilst the hot summer sun might be ideal for sun bathing and sitting in pub gardens, it might not be the ideal conditions in which you wish to move potentially hundreds of boxes on and off a lorry. Because you can quickly heat up thanks to both the weather and the physical activity, make sure to dress appropriately. Something cooling which offers a large degree of flexibility is ideal and will not lead to over heating. However, because this is the UK, be equally prepared for snap showers which can throw a spanner in the works. If you suspect it might rain, despite being the height of July, then be sure to put aside a rain coat and a change of clothes. This will mean that you don’t have to unpack countless boxes looking for something dry after the inevitable British summertime shower. As well as posing a risk to your clothing and your warmth, the turning weather can affect your moving plan as well. When the weather is all well, leaving boxes outside during the unpacking process can be a good middle ground and allow you to gather your thoughts on what should go where. If, however, the weather turns to rain all of a sudden, you can potentially be left with all of your things exposed to the wrath of the elements. Keep a sheet of tarpaulin handy if you remain suspicious of the changing weather conditions. If there is no rain, and if it remains fantastically hot during your move, it might be worth paying consideration to those boxes which are left out in the sun. Should the conditions be particularly favourable, and should the temperature rise high enough, the heat could damage the contents of the boxes. When it comes to things such as food stuffs and electronics, leaving them out in the sun for too long can be a bad idea, so of all of your boxes, pay particular care to these and make sure to move them inside as quickly as possible. In terms of your own wellbeing, a summer time move can be quite exhausting. If the sun is shining and you are spending the day lifting and unloading boxes, be sure to take frequent breaks and to remain hydrated throughout. The worst thing which could happen would be for the sun to have a damaging effect on your own personal health. Sun burn can also be a risk for those who are prone to burning and are outside for extended periods of time. If you believe you might be at risk, consider a higher factor sun cream than normal just to be extra sure.  A summer move can be easier than moving in winter, though it is not without its risks.