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Buying a home in the CR0 area: what are surveyors

When you look into buying a home in the area of CR0, then it is highly likely that you will need to hire yourself a surveyor to come and look at your property and produce a detailed report for you to show to your mortgage lender.  There are different kinds of surveys that can be completed and as a result various kinds of chartered surveyors that you might need to deal with. What is a chartered surveyor? This is someone who is registered to the ‘Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors’, this association was put into place to protect you, the buyer of a property and to regulate the surveyors so that they always work within strict codes of conduct.  A chartered surveyor should be legally qualified to conduce a survey on your property, they will have needed to have passed their APC exmination, furthermore thy will have at least two years of experience of doing this in practice if they are a member of this association. When will I need a chartered surveyor? There are a number of reasons you might need a surveyor.  If you are selling your home you may need the report produced by the surveyor to show potential buyers and give them a better idea what the condition the property is in, whether anything needs to be fixed or repaired and whether any work needs doing on the house in order to live in it. If the house is brand new it won’t need a survey completing on it.  Another reason you might need a chartered surveyor is to give you a better idea how much the property is actually worth and therefore how much you should be putting it on the market for and how much you should allow yourself to be knocked down on price.  In order to make any changes or renovations to the property  you might need to hire a specialised chartered surveyor who can advice you on things that you can and can’t do and ways to better improve your home and increase its overall worth. Are there different kinds of surveyors? Yes, there are a variety of surveyors that you might end up having to deal with: •    Building Surveyors: this is the most commonly used surveyor and most likely one that you will need to employ.  This is the person who can advise you on things that you need to do to the property to make it a more liveable property. They can also help if you are designing and  building your own home. •    Construction Surveyors: this is for larger scale projects, for example if your were building an entire housing estate rather than just one building, you might find you need to use this kind of surveyor. •    Environment Surveyors: this is one of the surveyors that you may not need depending on where you live.  This surveyor checks the impact your property and building onto your property could have on the surrounding environment•    Rural Surveyors: if you are selling or buying a farm, including plant and machinery, you might need this type of surveyor.   The best thing you can do is look on the internet to find an established and reputable chartered surveyor, before you hire their services ensure that they are fully qualified and experienced and try to conduct some research on them via the internet.  Try to find some real customer reviews on the services provided.  Chartered surveyors aren’t going to be the cheapest thing part of buying a home, however, they shouldn’t be the most expensive either.