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A Home in the City or in the Country, Which is Right for You?

We come down to an age old question to live in the country, where the grass wave slowly in the breeze or in the city, where sometimes the lights never go out? Depending on everyone's unique situation it may not be a matter of choice but this article will just go over some of the key points and aspects of city life Vs life in the country. Each side has its own positive qualities and negative ones too and those can also be seen as a matter of taste, so personal firsthand experience of both sides speaks best.

Life in the city:
City life, it can be a wonderful thing, full of people, sometimes an abundance of work and a ton of things to do as is the case in most cities. The easy access to work may be the greatest aspect of living in a city with museums, restaurants and nightlife access following closely behind but the city has its bad points as well. Usually cities have a lot of pollution because of cars and even factories in some of the larger cities. Another negative of living in large cities is that finding privacy is not so easy as neighbors usually live right next door to you. Crime is also a big concern when choosing to live in the city and this just comes along with the territory usually. Since there are more people in cities, the result is more crime and a lot more noise.

Life in the country:
Living life out in the country or rural areas is something we all dream of doing at some point in life and there are many positive qualities of living out in the country, so to say. Some of the main aspects are the reduction of noise because the neighbors are not so close by in most cases. There is also a lot less crime in rural areas as there aren't so many people. The country life does have its bad side though as it can be very difficult to find work or even a place to do your household shopping. These are some of the downsides that would have to be endured when living out in rural areas. Not to mention if there is the need to travel to work on a daily basis the average drive from rural areas is at minimum 30 minutes.

What it all comes down to really is what a person prefers, a quiet life with not to many neighbors or living in a metropolis nearby just about everything. Situation and status determine this choice for most people. It may not always be a choice you can just make but the reality is wherever you would like to live, if the means are available then you can find a place on either spectrum. No place is really better than the other it just depends on each individual's unique perspective. In these days and times if the country is preferred, calculating in the expense of petrol is needed.